Erica Moreno is from the small fishing town of Port Lavaca, TX. While in high school, she joined yearbook and newspaper and became the design editor. These classes also put the first professional camera in her hands and started a love for photography. A teacher encouraged her to be a designer and photographer and it gave her a new ambition. After high school, she moved to Austin, TX in pursue of adventure and a career. Erica enrolled in the Visual Communication program at Austin Community College and received her Associate’s degree in Graphic Design. While at ACC, she also attended classes for photography and art welding. Erica is currently a wife and mother, working as a creative director, freelance designer, and photographer in south Austin. She has over fifteen years of experience under her belt and still has a strong passion for her creative work. She draws inspiration from family, traveling, nature, and history.

“Design is an opportunity to solve a problem with a creative solution. It’s a puzzle and I get to arrange the pieces. For me, it’s attention to detail and a concept that’s clever and visually appealing. Design can attract attention, make you think and reveal something new each time you look at it.”